About the use of children

Available time zones

*If you are a junior high school student or younger, you need to be accompanied by a guardian.
*If you are under 18 years of age, you will also need to sign a parent's signature, so please print out the pledge and bring it with you.Telephone confirmation is not allowed.
*High school and university students are required to show their student ID card every time. If you cannot prove that you are a student, you will be charged a general fee.

[Limited release test]
the limited release test is carried out only at Omiya and Machida stores.
The release card issued after the unrelease test passes is valid only for the passing store.
Customers who have a limited release card will be able to use the following restrictions.
・Restrictions on use on weekend
s and public holidays, accompanied by parents and guardians ( up to two children
per guardian ) Please be sure to have children climb one at a time and keep an eye on the parents.

Since the implementation stores and contents are different for each store, please contact each store for details.

For Parents

In order to ensure your safety and comfort, please follow your child so that the following items are followed. 
・ Do not run in the gym
, do not sit on the mat, do not lie down ,
wait outside the mat while waiting , do
not approach the person who is c
limbing , jump one by
one in turn , do not land

First Time Membership

In order to register your membership information, please fill out the membership registration page. If you pre-register, you will be able to accept the reception smoothly. Please tell the staff at the store the reception number issued after registration. You will be registered to visit the store within 14 days.(Please note that after 14 days you will need to register again.)Please proceed to the member pre-registration screen from the "Member Pre-registration" button below.

*If you are under 18 years of age, you will also need to sign a parent.Please pre-register the above, print out the pledge below, and bring the signature.